A trustful neighbour of Tenda!

Lele’s Chiosco: a contagious lightness. To relax over a beer, satiate the hunger’s roars or just to chat: all combined with the friendliness of the managers and a young, relaxed, cheerful and playful atmosphere.
The environment is super-informal and definitely “beachy”, always animated by a very friendly staff and at the same time careful and precise. And then stiletto heels, young men who test their charm behind sunglasses, biker jackets…only for those seeking pure fun throughout the summer in company of many, many friends. Indistinctly…

Beating heart...

A place that looks like a summer kiosk in Ibiza. Ideal for meeting friends to recover all the energy spent on the beach or during the long summer nights. Characteristics of this informal and fun pub is the uncontrollable desire to have fun…..and the lights of the morning arrive in a heartbeat

Have fun!

Lele's Staff

Shake your job!

We always look for young, happy people, who can entertain our customers... without forgetting their work... We are waiting for you.

E-mail us your CV (curriculum vitae): lele@leleschiosco.it

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The kiosk is located near the “Tenda” in the largest square of Lignano Pineta.

Opening hours: April to September open daily from 11:00 to 03:00
  • Lele's Chiosco

  • address:

    Piazza Marcello D'Olivo, 7
    33054 Lignano Pineta (UD) Italy

  • phone:

    +39 0431 422133

  • e-mail: